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Built on years of experience and expertise, PRECISION offers something completely true and refreshing to hair design. Every visit is an experience and our elite team are your only true choice.

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Customer Reviews

"Chloe did my hair and I absolutely love it! Could not be happier with the outcome and with how lovely all the staff were there. The best salon I’ve been to, and will definitely be going back from now on!"

"Had my hair cut, styled and dyed by Alice. She did an incredible transformation from natural brown hair to a vivid blonde balayage. All the staff were absolutely lovely and chatty, Chloe even helped me decide how to style it for my night out, always a bonus! Thank you Alice and team. Would highly recommend!"

"Went for the first time a few weeks ago after being given so many recommendations for Jonah and i will definitely be going back! Everyone is so welcoming, helpful, and funny, and my hair turned out amazing"

"Visited this salon as I live quite close and out of despiration from searching for a good stylist, I thought I'd give this super looking salon a try. How impressed I was! The stylist Lawrence reassured me that I was going to get what I explained that I wanted as I am very fussy with things. (Stylists have previously promised the same but have failed to produce the standard that I look for, so I was sceptical when he said this) I couldn't believe that he gave me the haircut that iv been trying to get for some time from other stylists, I am very impressed. Furthermore the products he also used on my hair were amazing. For example the joico hair whip gave me a texture in my hair that I could only previously find with a hair powder but unlike the hair powder you can remould it, also very impressed with this.I think this is the second review I have ever made... I don't give reviews as nothing these days impresses me much but Lawrence you have and I thank you. You have earned a truly happy customer. Ps your coffee is lovely, it's nice to be served fresh coffee that's not cheap floor sweepings that most other places serve, attention to detail is truly missed these days but clearly not in your salon."