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Altogether Kinder Styling.

Cloud Nine is an multi-award winning brand of heat styling solutions to create every look. In 2009 they revolutionized hairdressing, with their head controlled straightening iron. 

Cloud Nine are putting you back in control. This is life on Cloud Nine.

Brought to you by the founders and inventors of the original ghd iron, their styling irons will allow you to take instant control - drop the heat, increase the heat - and enter another world of styling. The varied heat settings means you are able to adjust the temperature to suit your hair type, from 100 to 200 degrees. Finer hair may not require the hottest of temperatures to smooth out a kink, while thicker hair can benefit from a variety of heat settings as you style layer-by-layer. 

Poker straight hair delivered through searing heat, and the same look day-in, day-out, is over. With Cloud Nine, you can, at last, go a bit easier on your hair, while discovering a whole world of flexibility. Curly, wavy, straight or voluminous - you choose. You’re in control.

The iron also features a hibernation mode. 

Ask our Creative Team in store for more details on the innovative Cloud Nine styling range.

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